Ligas Security

Have you ever thought about what you would lose if you were robbed? Or has this already happened to you? Do you know what to do in such situation, how much time and money it takes? We do not want to scare you but it is a reality of nowadays! Ligas s. r. o. Security Service is here for you. We can protect you, your family, children and your flat, house, company, production hall, garage as well…simply any object. We provide protection of property directly in communities and outside, on public places accessible and inaccessible.

Security service according to the Act no.473/2005 is:

  • protection of property on a public place
  • protection of property on other than a public place
  • protection of a person
  • protection of property and a person within transport
  • protection of transport of property and a person
  • ensuring order on the place of people’s gathering
  • running a security system or alarm system, managing its parts, evaluation of disruption of the protected object or protected area
  • elaboration of security plan.


Our satisfied clients are: financial institutions, insurance companies (headquarters, branches), private companies (production, warehouses, constructing, expedition, etc.), state-owned institutions, shopping centers, shops, administrative complexes, numerous family houses.