Ligas Security - Bezpečnosť na podujatiach

We provide protection at all the social events such as cultural, sport, public gatherings, meetings, concerts, balls, proms and discos.

We secured:

  • Great prize of Slovakia 2008 (Piestany)
  • SnowCross 2009 (Osrblie)
  • Nitra City (Cyril – Methodius festival, beer festival, fairs, concerts, discos,…)
  • Open-air theater Nitra (Alexandrovci, BoneyM, Saragossa Band, Talentarium,…)
  • City Hall Nitra (Championship in floorball 2012, M. Zbirka, Desmod, Gladiator, Alexandrovci, Abba, Kozaci,…)
  • Hockey Club Nitra ( extraligue four seasons)
  • Ripfest Velek Ripnany 2010, 2011, 2012