Ligas Security - O nás

Security service performance includes:

  • physical protection of selected areas, objects or property by patrol service to prevent from thefts, damages, misusage or destruction of the client’s property who owns it or use it,
  • the officer during patrol controls integrity and security of entrances to the objects which are out of order, closing entrance gates to the area etc., patrols are recorded on-line on the central protection counter,
  • prevents from unauthorized staff leave and material, products and goods getaway,
  • fire control patrols intended on operation and ecological breakdowns,
  • control and evidence of movement of persons and vehicles in the protected area,
  • control of movement of persons and vehicles according to the authorization of entry to the object,
  • control of vehicles, including load and supporting documents for the load within vehicles leaving the object and within vehicles entering the object,
  • cooperation with the police of the Slovak Republic, the fire department of the Slovak Republic and with the emergency service of the Slovak Republic,
  • reception service,
  • issue and return of keys according to the key regime,
  • handbag controls of the employees,
  • control of alcohol presence/usage, usage of other addictives