Ligas Security - Patroly

The objective of a patrol is to provide not regular but controlled system of controls on the protected place, minimize risks, protecting lives, health and property of persons. Basic activities of mobile control patrol:

  • control of regime steps in the object,
  • control of movement of persons in the object,
  • control of locking and not violating the object,
  • fire patrol,
  • according to the needs of the client unlocking and locking of the object.

The control of this activity is performed thanks to electronic control systems P.E.Z. On the key places in the object, previously agreed on with the client, there are electronic control chips placed and thanks to above mentioned system it is possible to process and record information about time sequence and completeness of performed controls in the  object. In the practice the mobile patrol is helpful in the areas of companies usually at night and outside working days, where there is a common physical protection performed by an employee who, especially at this time within patrol, faces great risks. It is usable especially in small objects not protected by physical protection.