Ligas Security - panel

We have over 200 objects connected to the counters and we cooperate with many partners in Slovakia within providing the job.

We run these counters:

  • Jablonet Pro NAM
  • Global 2002
  • Paradoc IPR 512

Connection to the counter is possible via many ways:

  • via a telephone line
  • via radio net (private net)
  • via GPRS (private APN in T – mobile net to 1000 objects)
  • via internet.

How it works:
After accepting signal on the centralized protection counter with we immediately send an intervention group to the place of disruption or to the place of expected fire with the aim to execute an intervention leading to the detention of a person who entered the protected object or to find out whether there was fire on the protected place with aim to execute acts necessary for its disposal. The intervention group is continually in touch with the service (centralized protection counter operator) to which it simultaneously provide information about the case as well as to the owner of the area. The physical protection of the object is ensured until the arrival of the object owner at the place. The service of the centralized protection counter is financially less costly than physical protection and it is effective especially in the objects where outside working hours there is no movement of persons. This type of protection is the most reliable form of protection of your objects.

What does the centralized protection counter system provide? :

  • electronic monitoring of the objects and intervention of the group when accepting signal about unauthorized entry to the object,
  • monitoring opening and closing of the object,
  • monitoring arrival of the employees at the protected object outside working hours,
  • monitoring and informing about not locking the object,
  • intervention of the group in critical situation,
  • permanent testing of transmission line,
  • reports from the centralized protection counter,
  • monitoring of the technological devices (for example deep freezers,…),
  • fire protection.